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my list of the 100 best iPhone photography apps - What I See Now
In writing my book, Create Great iPhone Photos, and then posting an app a day for my 100 Photo Apps project, I've spent a lot of time researching iPhone photography apps for everything from image editing to retro effects to panoramas. With the book, in particular, I did a lot of testing of apps, trying them out...
Dreamscope web app lets you create your own trippy Google
UPDATE – If you want a native app on your Mac to do the same job, using Google's available Deep Dream code, you can download RealMac's beta software. Deep Dream has caused ... For extra-trippy effects, re-upload your Dreamscope'd image several times and see what happens. Take a look at our...
Six apps to add blockbuster special effects to your smartphone
With the right apps, you can add special effects and filters that the Hollywood experts would be proud of—and you don't even have to transfer your ... Whether you're trying to make your movie look like it was filmed in the 1950s, or you want an instant psychedelic dream effect, VideoFX Live can help you.
3D Photo Apps | POPSUGAR Tech
Dresses, cafes, and our favorite dinosaur movie . . . no stone is left unturned when it comes to 3D technology. The 3D revolution has begun, and you can get in.
Google Deep Dream app will turn your photos into the bizarre
Incredible new program morphs snaps into psychedelic images using a trippy technique known as 'Inceptionism'
Fabby 3.2.9 for Android - Download
Download Fabby 3.2.9. Create amazing photos in a matter of seconds. Fabby is a photo editing app that gives you spectacular results in a matter of seconds. It basically recognizes the person or people in the photo, cuts around them, and substitutes the background for colorful, psychedelic, and fun backgrounds.
Vaporwave- Aesthetic Filters & Photo Glitch Art - Android app on
Vaporwave is the perfect app for adding aesthetic filters on their photos. This trippy photo editor app lets users create glitch art and color filters on their photos easily. Vaporwave, or sometimes known as R4ve is also an urban app that lets users make use of psychedelic camera effects to fit modern culture.
Deep Dreams: Google's Crazy Psychedelic Photography Tool
Other Effects. The possibilities are limitless here, and some are much more subtle . Here is another quick one to give you a few ideas – check out the 'before' photo: Mike-Newton-Profile. Then the 'after': mike portrait deep dream. This was a photo I took in Joshua Tree National Park: Joshua Tree stars.

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